Small Cardboard Boxes

  • Pack of 25 Moving Industry Standard Small Cardboard Boxes – 16″ x 12.5″ x 12.5″ (1.5 cu ft)
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Just $41.95

Don’t Be Fooled by Non-Industry Standard Moving Box Sizes!

Each of our Industry Standard Small boxes lets you pack 1.5 cu ft of stuff. Many box sellers list their cardboard boxes as Small when they are actually much smaller, often a full size! They do this so they can appear cheaper than they really are. If their “Small” boxes are:

  • 16x10x10 – You can only pack 0.93 cu ft – 38.27% less!
  • Other sizes – Use our Box Volume Calculator!

Don’t compare apples to oranges – if you prefer a smaller volume box, get our Extra Small Cardboard Boxes which pack 1.0 cu/ft and are much cheaper!

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