Extra Large Cardboard Boxes

  • Pack of 10 Moving Industry Standard Extra Large Cardboard Boxes – 24″ x 18″ x 24″ (6.0 cu ft)
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Just $41.95

Don’t Be Fooled by Non-Industry Standard Moving Box Sizes!

Each of our Industry Standard Extra Large boxes lets you pack 6 cu ft of stuff. Many box sellers list their cardboard boxes as Extra Large when they are actually much smaller, often a full size! They do this so they can appear cheaper than they really are. If their “Extra Large” boxes are:

  • 23x23x16 – You can only pack 4.9 cu ft – 18.3% less!
  • 22x22x17 – You can only pack 4.76 cu ft – 20.64% less!
  • 24x24x14 – You can only pack 4.67 cu ft – 22.22% less!
  • Other sizes – Use our Box Volume Calculator!

Don’t compare apples to oranges – if you prefer a smaller volume box, get our Large Cardboard Boxes which pack 4.5 cu/ft and are much cheaper!

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